Security First.

All organizations face the same primary challenge when preparing to offload their excess IT and electronic equipment: to ensure no company or customer data is compromised or lost. To eliminate any concerns, we maintain NAID AAA Certification which requires that we follow strict data security procedures to ensure that devices which contain proprietary or confidential information are handled properly on their way to resale, recycling or destruction. Because we have extensive experience in hardware refreshes, recurring pickups, data center co-locations, and facility moves/closures, we are well prepared to handle any situation that carries with it an inherent security risk.

Safeguard Your IP

We offer our clients customized solutions so that their out of warranty, off-lease, obsolete or otherwise unwanted equipment is destroyed to their individual specifications. Avritek is knowledgeable about DEMIL and ITAR protocols, as well as the unique needs of life science and manufacturing organizations. We offer complete disassembly and destruction of returned products, branded products, counterfeit products, out-of-warranty products, government owned property, chip boards and more.

Be Audit Ready

Avritek’s destruction services protect sensitive information against data breach and provide an auditable document trail for our clients. We provide our services both on and off-site, and have experience serving a wide variety of clients from both the government and private sectors.


Data Destruction

Service Features

  • NAID AAA Certified for Plant-based Computer Media Destruction
  • Certificates of Destruction & Recycling
  • Professional Erasure Software
  • Electronic Storage Media Shredding
  • NSA Compliant Degaussers
  • NIST.SP.800-88r1 Compliant Services
  • Meets or exceeds DoD Standards
  • Serialized Asset Reporting
  • Onsite & Offsite Services
  • Equipment & Product Destruction