Nationwide reverse logistics and equipment removal

Avritek provides logistics and removal services for clients with technology equipment who need assurance that their equipment will be handled with care. We have extensive experience in data center deinstallations, high-tech facility moves and closures, and technology refreshes. We know the importance of maintaining an auditable trail of documents so we provide detailed asset inventorying and reporting both at our and our clients facilities. We offer these services standalone, or bundled with our destruction and asset recovery offerings.

Responsible electronics recycling

For clients who need to dispose of obsolete technology we offer recurring or project-based technology recycling services. Avritek partners only with certified downstream processing facilities, and does not export any hazardous materials overseas. We hand disassemble non-hazardous materials at our facility to maximize the recoverable materials they contain, and pass these savings on to our clients.


Service Features

  • Serialized asset inventorying
  • Container hosting at client sites
  • Secure transport and storage
  • Onsite deinstallation
  • Environmentally compliant recycling
  • Heavy equipment hoisting
  • Corporate e-waste events